On Social Commitments

Actions Towards Better Future

FULKI is not just a Swiss based brand committed to provide its consumers with high quality products that deliver functionality with aesthetic joy.

As a family run business located in the country that hosts organisations like United Nations, International Labour Organisation, Red Cross and many others, it is part of our mentality and culture to serve the greater cause.

By running our company, engaging external partners and communities, FULKI objective is to contribute and enable the environment that would allow future generations to witness better world and living conditions: without poverty, food shortages and business environment that tolerates usage of sustainable materials and ethical employment only.

 So, we would like to make you aware of the latest developments and progress we have made so far in 2017:

We truly believe that `our choices make a difference` -  FULKI supports SlaveFreeTrade.Org ambition to catalyze and enable slave-free supply chains. From every purchase you make with us, FULKI donates 10% of its value to this NGO.
FULKI products designed and conceptualized in Switzerland and are being produced in Spain from the carefully selected leather materials sourced from Italy. The leather we use is processed in the most environment friendly manner. 
We work with local associations and organisations to drive employment, development and growth for the small-family businesses in the countries where our products are being produced.

And our NEXT PROJECT, upcoming FULKI collection - MACKLAY inspired by the explorer Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay. Ambition of this collection is to produce the full range of the products in the countries with challenging social conditions.

For MACKLAY project we are open for the ideas, partnership offers and suggestions - please contact us by email: info@fulki.com